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You Want to Free Up Your Staff and IT Budget

Consider IT Outsourcing if:

Keep the daunting cost of fulltime IT professionals off your books, and only pay for what you need. Keeping a fulltime employee on staff costs considerably more, as you have to pay them a salary and other benefits.

You’re Overpaying For Your Current IT

Maybe your needs have changed, or maybe you didn’t realize how much/ little IT support you were going to need when you made your current investment.

You’re a Start-up

Funds can be tight before you go public and sell for billions. In those first financially tight years, outsourcing your IT is a great way to keep your costs at a manageable level, while still getting access to the same services that industry heavyweights get.

You’re Unclear as to What You Need

Outsourcing your IT gives you the ability to monitor your needs and your spending, while giving you the flexibility to change your mind.

   Systems kept running allowing focus on core business functions

   Increased business efficiency by aligning IT to business requirements

   Reduced business risk by investing in service not technologies

   Access to expertise and the advantage of the latest technologies

   Resolvement of recruitment and retention problems

   Reduced operating costs - typically up to 30%

   Fixed service level agreements to core services, ensuring system –and business uptime for business financial certanity with predictable and fixed monthly costs removing the traditional spiked IT capital expenditure

   The flexibility and scalability needed to survive in the challenging market conditions today and those of the future


Benefits of a full IT Outsource include:

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